Business Manuals

Business Manuals

How Online Activity Can Make More Costumers Find You

In the digital era, the easiest way to capture your customer’s attention is to reach out to them through online platforms. Every other person uses one more social media channel daily. So, if your online activity is sub-par, you can miss a huge customer base and lucrative opportunities.

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Business Manuals

How To Create Systems That Effectively Favour Company Growth

Let’s talk about the most cutting-edge secrets for making systems work for your business. I will also share how you can build workflow management system to help you and your team consistently create achieve company growth. If you are thinking about just implementing a workflow system, there is a need for training your team about how the operations of the business will work. Whether you are a solo operation or managing a team, you will want a business system to streamline creating and deploying your products and services.

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Coffee Standard Operating Procedures

This manual includes coffee recipes, instructions for setting up, cleaning, and closing a coffee machine and probe milk thermometer calibration. Benefits is standard procedures for easy delegation, consistency and expectation of tasks Increase workplace/team/staff effectiveness, therefore reducing wastage and costs.

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