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Maralytics Blog Managing Your Stress Levels When Your To-Do List Is Overwhelming
Personal Development

Managing Your Stress Level when Your To-do List is Overwhelming

Managing your stress levels can be a challenge when you have a to-do list that overwhelms you. It can cause even the most organised person to feel out of control and stressed. But having too much on your plate doesn’t have to be an insurmountable problem, as long as you know how best to manage it all. Make sure to have these tips from Miriam van Heusden, an analytics expert, handy.

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Fall in Love with Your Business

It’s the Love Month, the perfect time to celebrate the success of your own company. Like every other relationship in your life, the connection between you and your business requires nurturing. You can get more joy out of your vocation when you nurture that connection. Like a life partner, you can romance your business and fall in love with it, even if you’ve been at it for many years.

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Maralytics Blogs entitled Work Less And Achieve More With These 5 Productivity Hacks

Work Less and Achieve More with These 5 Productivity Hacks

The art of being productive is not to work harder but to work smarter. So if you are working harder but less effectively, it means you are not being productive at all – and the problem is we do not realise this. Getting more done in less time seems like a dream if you are looking for quick fixes. But there are lots of strategies on top of what was shared in this blog that can be maximised to help you become more productive. The key is to understand these strategies and implement them in your life until they become a habit that will compound for you in getting the best results.

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