Work Less and Achieve More with These 5 Productivity Hacks

Maralytics Blogs entitled Work Less And Achieve More With These 5 Productivity Hacks

We all want to work less and earn more (or achieve more). There are many ways to optimise the time you spend at work. Of course, we believe Maralytics is one of the most crucial tools an entrepreneur can have under their belt to grow their revenue by examining their marketing insights. There’s more to productivity than just having tools, though, and here are our top 5 productivity hacks: 

1. Get a daily routine

Train your brain to be productive; it’s surprisingly simple and only requires you to be highly diligent in adhering to a routine. Our brains love predictability and take their cue for doing next by building associations. You can train your brains to be productive by starting work simultaneously each day and following a similar morning routine that leads up to the start of your workday. For example, making a cup of coffee, dressing in a particular kind of outfit, and sitting at your desk. Your brain reads this routine as the one that leads to “work time” and will make it easier for you to get into a good workflow when you follow the same pattern every day.

2. Choose a regular “work spot” if you work from home

Choose a dedicated spot that is your work spot. This is important if you work at home, but it can also help you at an office. At the office, make sure you never do anything other than work when you are at your desk. Take your lunch, your breaks, your beverages, and conversations with colleagues to a place other than your work desk. That way, your brain knows that it is time to concentrate and get productive when you sit down at your desk. It’s about building a strong association, and this can only be established if you are disciplined about your habits

3. Get the tools of the trade

There are so many wonderful tools that optimise productivity from Evernote, which helps you save essential snippets from online sources, or tools that simplify collaboration between team members, like Trello, Asana, and of course, Maralytics. You can be more productive when your work is neatly sorted, ordered, assigned and when you can keep track of the results you are getting from your efforts.

4. Fine-tune your efforts

Thanks to your tools, you can easily keep track of where you’re doing well and where you need to invest a little more effort (or revenue). The process of doing this is fine-tuning; it prevents you from continuing to flog a dead horse, as the saying goes), which translates to investing effort and time (which is money) into procedures and measures that aren’t growing your business. If you find that you’re constantly busy but have no real growth in revenue to show for it, it’s a symptom of a bigger problem; you need to fine-tune your efforts.

5. Rest

Rest is mandatory, and sleep doesn’t count as the only rest you need. Time away from your desk, you are laughing from the pit of your stomach, feeling empowered and joyful, spending time with loved ones. This kind of rest gives you the mental capacity to be creative innovative, solve problems, lead a team and grow a business. It is imperative to rest; rest is not something that is earned. It is part of the process of being productive.


The art of being productive is not to work harder but to work smarter. So if you are working harder but less effectively, it means you are not being productive at all – and the problem is we do not realise this. Getting more done in less time seems like a dream if you are looking for quick fixes. But there are lots of strategies on top of what was shared in this blog that can be maximised to help you become more productive. The key is to understand these strategies and implement them in your life until they become a habit that will compound for you in getting the best results.

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