3 Strategies To Simplify How You Do Business

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…because, business can be fun!

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to step into your office on a Monday morning feeling inspired, motivated, and excited for the week ahead? When you were an aspiring entrepreneur, you probably imagined more fun than what the reality is delivering. That’s because greater ownership means more responsibility. By simplifying the running of the business, you can enjoy a more significant amount of freedom while still meeting your obligations. Here’s how in 3 steps.


1. Outsource The Tedious Tasks

When you initially thought about starting your own business, chances were that flexibility was something you were after. You also probably had a clear idea in your mind of what your life and your daily routine would look like. If you found there to be more tedious tasks in the reality of the situation than you’d pictured, you wouldn’t be alone. Make work more fun by outsourcing the tedious tasks you dislike; being the boss comes with perks, which you have to enjoy. Decide what you need to put in place to achieve this; it might mean hiring an experienced temp, training someone in-house, or simply using an external service provider.

2. Clear Structures

Structures provide consistency in the way you do things. When you have different departments or even different team members, knowing how to do something consistently across the board. Structures ensure a set procedure for every process, from communicating with clients dealing with service providers to conflict resolution, HR, and onboarding new clients. Having a set of steps that employees can follow ensures that everyone dealing with your company can expect the same level of service. This is how consistency is achieved.

3. Process Automation

The tasks that require manual labour tend to cost companies more money than you’d think; they become a hidden expense that adds up a great deal. That’s because you’re either paying someone to do these menial tasks, or you’re doing them yourself. Consider that doing it yourself is probably costing the company more productivity since your role as the business owner should see your time spent on revenue-generating tasks, like sales and company growth. Automating these tasks with software can save the business a tremendous amount of expenses; each year that you’re not manually performing these tasks, the money saved grows.

Maralytics and Simplicity

Outsourcing specific tasks, suitable business structures, and process automation work together to simplify the day-to-day running. Process automation is precisely why we believe in Maralytics; it automates the hard work in your marketing analytics, but it also ensures there’s less room for human error so that you can track the results of your marketing campaigns with ease and precision.

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