Gen Z Marketing: How to Attract the Next Big Spending Power

The landscape of consumer power is evolving, and Gen Z is at the forefront of this transformation. Defining who belongs to Gen Z can be as dynamic as the generation itself. Born between 1996 and 2010, Generation Z values authenticity and value brands that embody this quality.

This generation challenges conventional marketing approaches and demands a fresh perspective. That’s why, in this changing market, it is imperative to tailor marketing strategies that align with their values and cater to their unique expectations.

This article provides insights and actionable tactics for reaching and resonating with Gen Z consumers.

Is Gen Z a Challenging Market to Reach?

In the business world, the ultimate goal is to reach the widest audience possible, isn’t it? 

Although Millennials currently make up the largest consumer group, it’s essential to acknowledge the increasing impact of Generation Z.

A recent Bloomberg report highlights the economic clout of this up-and-coming generation. Gen Z, comprised of young students and working professionals, already commands an impressive $360 billion disposable income, a figure expected to increase in the coming years.

But marketing to Gen Z is more challenging than it may seem. Conventional marketing methods that proved effective with prior generations often need to catch up when targeting this dynamic group. Gen Z has distinct attention patterns, spending habits, and values, demanding fresh and innovative approaches for successful engagement.

Understanding Gen Z and Behavior

To effectively target Gen Z in your marketing endeavours, it’s essential to know the underlying factors driving their behavior. Insights from Pew Research shed light on this generation:

1. Impact of Economic Challenges

Gen Z witnessed the Great Recession of 2008-2009 during their formative years. This experience has instilled in them a strong sense of financial awareness and responsibility.

2. Resilience in Uncertain Times

A significant portion of Gen Z, along with their families, endured job losses or pay reductions during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has made them highly attuned to financial stability and adaptability.

3. Emphasis on Education

Gen Z places a high value on education. They represent a tech-savvy, data-driven, highly educated generation, significantly influencing the digital landscape and society.

4. Shared Values

Gen Z resonates with Millennials on critical societal issues, such as climate change and social justice. Their concerns about these matters shape their worldviews and decision-making.

These insights are valuable in devising marketing strategies for businesses to grow. Businesses that understand and align their messages with Gen Z’s core values can establish more meaningful connections and tap into the increasing purchasing power of this influential demographic.

Gen Z Marketing Strategies for 2023

Here are several strategies for effectively engaging and forming lasting connections with them:

Prioritize Authenticity
Like millennials, Gen Z places a high value on authenticity in their brand interactions. They desire transparency and would research to know about the background of your brand. As a marketer, it’s essential to showcase the people and processes that drive your brand, including your brand’s stance on various social issues.

Build Brand Personality
Gen Z prefers brands with a strong voice and a distinctive personality. Be bold and showcase what you stand for; make bold statements. This approach can foster more profound and more enduring connections with Gen Z.

Gen Z are more likely to support brands that resonate with their values, seeing them reflect their beliefs.

Leverage Social Media
Approximately 45% of Gen Zers consider a brand’s trustworthiness and transparency a significant factor in their engagement. So, in your social marketing efforts, it’s essential to go beyond just selling. Craft content that communicates your values and shares your brand’s story extensively. Work with content creators and influencers to speak their language.

Furthermore, Gen Z places a high premium on an influencer’s sense of humor and engaging personality, making it the second most critical factor when deciding which influencer to follow. Keep content entertaining and personable to win over this dynamic generation.

Add Unique Visuals to Your Content
Gen Z has a strong preference for visual content, particularly platform-specific videos. A one-size-fits-all approach will only work if they value content tailored to the platform they’re using. Brands have experienced a significant increase in website engagement when they embrace this strategy.

To succeed, invest in an effective online merchandising solution and assemble a skilled graphic design team. Staying updated on design trends and emerging technologies, such as augmented reality and interactive features, can further enhance your content, making it even more appealing to Gen Z’s tech-savvy tastes.

Use Right Platform
To effectively engage Gen Z, it’s crucial to select the platforms they frequently use. TikTok is highly influential for Gen Z women’s purchasing decisions, surpassed only by real-life endorsements. YouTube is a platform for creating educational content, such as tutorials and in-depth discussions on relevant topics. If YouTube is challenging, consider short-form videos on Instagram or TikTok and ensure it’s optimized for SEO. Gen Z’s online presence presents opportunities for targeted and engaging marketing.


Tapping into Generation Z’s significant spending power requires tailored marketing strategies. Gen Z values authenticity, visual appeal, and engagement on the right platforms. By understanding their preferences and adapting, businesses can connect with this dynamic generation and secure a lasting place in the evolving consumer landscape. Success lies in forging genuine connections and aligning with Gen Z’s values and interests.

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