How to Repurpose Marketing Content for Your Small Business

As a small or medium-sized business (SMB) owner, it’s a challenge to come up with new marketing concepts, but repurposing existing content is a sure-fire method for driving ongoing traffic to your site and a simple way to amplify your message without investing a lot more time or effort. That last part’s important because, as an SMB owner, you’re busy managing everything for your business, including marketing. 

Repurposing your content increases ROI by taking each initial creation and spinning it into multiple pieces of content. You’ll reach more potential customers as you publish the content on different sites (e.g. guest posts) or various social media channels, and your SMB site will get an SEO boost through the new backlinks you’ll create. 

Here are several best practices SMB owners can apply when repurposing their marketing content to get more web traffic, demonstrate industry knowledge and, ultimately, increase sales: 

Use excerpts for social media posts

If you’ve been using social media to drive traffic to your SMB, you’ll always need a pipeline of content. Repurpose your blog posts by pulling out excerpts and publishing them on your social media channel. Pull out the best sentence or two from a post, combine it with an appropriate image and publish it on social media. 

Change the information of your content

Marketing content can take many forms, so why restrict your valuable information to just one? Here are a few quick ideas on how to change the format of your marketing content: 

  • Repurpose a blog post into an infographic.
  • Repurpose a blog post series into a welcome email autoresponder or email newsletter.
  • Turn a presentation to a downloadable PDF lead magnet. 
  • Create a podcast from a valuable blog post by reading it out loud, recording it and publishing it on iTunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud.
  • Turn a video or speech into a slide deck and publish it on SlideShare.
  • Convert a How-To post into a screencast video and publish it on your site and YouTube.

Update blog posts

For an updated post to be considered repurposed, you’ve got to do more than merely change a few words. You must update it with new stats or data, entirely new sections, new images and more. Consider tying several posts together as part of a series. Update each post with new information and link them to each other so readers will click from one to the next in the series. 

Write a case study based on a post

Use the topic of an old blog post and write a case study from it based on one of your customers. Write about the problems they encountered and how they solved them with your products or services. Publish the post as a case study on your website and link it back to the old post. Customers and prospects love case studies, because they’re able to relate to the stories and imagine themselves solving their problems with your products too.

Write a guest post

Guest posts on related websites are great for your SMB, as they increase traffic, demonstrate your expertise and establish you as an authority. Use an old post as inspiration for the guest post or see if they’ll let you republish it as is; some of them do. 


Repurposing content is a time-saving way for SMBs to create new marketing content regularly, without a lot of effort. Choose the way that works best for you and start repurposing today.  

This blog was inspired from Entrepreneur

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