5 Brands That Are Absolutely Hilarious

Maralytics Blogs 5 Brands That Are Absolutely Hilarious

Marketing is all about bringing your brand to the right people. In a highly competitive attention economy, that can be hard work. One way to improve your chances is to incorporate humour into your marketing strategy.

Humour not only spreads some much-needed laughter around but also creates shareable and memorable content that people can relate to. That relatability can easily turn into customer loyalty over time. So, for a bit of inspiration, let’s take a look at five of the most hilarious brands on social media.

1. Netflix

Nearly everyone is familiar with (or has a subscription for) Netflix. Despite being well-known by millions, they still have a solid marketing strategy to raise brand awareness through the use of humour.

Most of that humour can be seen on their Twitter page, which has 17.5 million followers. Their zingers range from tweets commenting on current events to funny GIFs and memes that reference their own content – which, as we all know, is substantial. Their style of humour not only stays in people’s brains, but it gets them excited about new shows. Genius!

2. Charmin

For a company that specializes in selling toilet paper, Charmin has managed to stay remarkably popular. That’s largely due to the funny tweets they send out to their 85 thousand followers.

These tweets include gems like “Confession: the last few tweets were sent from the seat”, complete with a catchy hashtag #tweetfromtheseat. The Charmin marketers have managed to turn bathroom humour into a successful marketing strategy – as anyone can see from all the likes and retweets they get.

3. Wendy's

The fast-food chain Wendy’s has 3.8 million Twitter followers. They’ve sent off a few thousand tweets over the years, including “you hand over the dollar, we’ll hand over the breakfast biscuit. no funny business.”

A lot of their humour revolves around sarcasm and starting fast-food feuds (or beef, if you’ll excuse the pun) with competitors Burger King. Although this kind of humour has the potential to backfire, Wendy’s seems to be doing it well. People join in, take sides, make sarcastic responses, and stay updated on the latest burger deals.

4. KFC

KFC is another fast-food brand frying up some hilarious tweets. They have 1.5 million followers, yet they only follow 11 people – six (seemingly random) men named “Herb” plus the five Spice Girls. Herbs and Spices. Clever, right

Alongside that subtle joke, they send out funny GIFs and tweets that often incorporate their own products and poke fun at their own designs. People engage, laugh along, and associate those good feelings with the KFC brand. It also helps that they highlight deals and discounts.

4. Moosejaw

According to their Twitter profile, Moosejaw is the “most fun outdoor retailer on the planet.” If you scroll through their tweets, it sure looks like it. Their 30,000 followers enjoy tweets that range from short videos to quirky asides.

A very distinct (and very funny) personality shines through all their tweets. They rarely advertise their products or throw in a sales pitch. Instead, they tweet out funny thoughts like “I’m just gonna go ahead and continue to celebrate every day with pie.”

It’s almost like you’re chatting with a friend, and clients love that connection. It’s as relatable as it is unique.


Whether it’s commenting on current events, creating memes from your own content, or showcasing a quirky personality, humour is a great way to get people excited about your brand. The best part? You get to enjoy plenty of laughs while doing it.

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