Digital ad tracking

Are you using Digital ad tracking to measure your ROI?

How much traffic you get to your online business is important, but the cash is what really counts and if your traffic is not converting then you are just wasting your ad spend.

Many restaurants are using apps to run the business, as technology has advanced at a rapid pace since the launch of Ipad’s and tablets.

From having these devices, we now have so much more information that is available to help us run our business more effectively and profitably than has ever been in the past.

Using this technology, we are able to use a POS system to run all of the cash flow and reporting, and have add-on programs that link with the POS system to operate many other aspects of the business.

These add-on programs are making it easier to link all the other parts of operations that are vitally connected.

Examples of add-on programs are:

accounting systems such as

  • Xero and MYOB,
  • rostering systems like
  • Deputy and analytics systems to uncover fraud and analyse profit margins
  • and there are many others that can make the running of your business automated

Maralytics is the first program to provide the analytics for all of your marketing activities.

Maralytics is a marketing analytics add-on programs that links with Kounta POS system for fluid measuring and reporting of all advertising campaigns.

You can track multiple campaigns, such as Facebook and Instagram advertising, TripAdvisor and Zomato promotions, newspaper ads, flyer drops, sponsorship opportunities, competitions and a multitude of online and offline promotions.

Where-ever your business is being promoted, the customers and sales can be tracked through the Maralytics system, to give you accurate data on your advertising return-on-investment.

In our ad tracking data system, you can get the details you want for individual campaigns, compare campaigns from one type of advertising, or compare multiple campaigns as comparisons against each other.

These reports are available in the time period that you want, and are able to be exported in a spreadsheet to use in meetings or discussions.

Currently 94% of people are using the internet and a device to look for information. The digital part of your business is a valuable asset to operations.

  • Does your business have a website that is a good representation of the venue?
  • Does it have all the information that a customer is looking for?
  • Does your business name come up on the search engine in Google or Bing or whatever it may be on the person’s device?

Digital ad tracking is very important to this aspect of the business

When I was running my restaurant, I always had a printable voucher that could be used as a digital ad, so I could track the customers that would visit my website. It was a free way to get people from the website and physically into the venue, and there were no advertising costs to do this.

These vouchers would then be recorded as digital ad tracking in my advertising campaigns, and had a higher return-on-investment than paid campaigns, and were very effective for good customer loyalty and referrals.


Maralytics is the only digital ad tracking system that can give you all the information of actual sales data and conversions.

This is the difference with Maralytics, it counts cash (and cards) and gives you the information of how effective your advertising is.

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