Restaurant online marketing strategies

There are so many restaurants around, and if you want to be successful, then it is important to have a good online marketing strategy.

  1. Branding – make sure that you have a logo and clear brand for your restaurant, and make sure that this is used in every area of the business, so it is a clear message of your brand
  2. Website – this is a MUST have. And mobile optimized. More than 97% of people search online, and many with a mobile phone or tablet. Make sure that all the details about your business are easily seen, with location map and menu. There are many additional features that can be added such as social media plugins, mailing list subscribers, so talk to your developer about these tools.
  3. Google business, maps and search must be accurate and up to date at all times – customers will find you through a search.
  4. Social media – there are heaps available, so make sure that you have the main ones like Facebook and Instagram. There are plenty of other options available, but you need to manage them, so make sure that you do this, or delegate it someone who wants to.
  1. Email Database – it is really important to collect email address or mobile phone numbers, so you can contact your customers. Facebook own your page and can close it down at any time, so migrate your customers to your website and collect their emails so you own them and can send out regular newsletters and special offers. Competitions and business card draws are a good way of collecting customer details, as well as loyalty apps.
  2. Review apps – there are heaps of these apps and they are popular for people to verify your business and get other feedback from other customers. TripAdvisor and Google reviews are two of the most well-known companies.
  3. Search sites – there are many search websites that collect businesses for easier viewing by category. Zomato and Australian Good Food Guide are two popular sites used by customers.
  4. Ordering and delivery platforms – these sites partner with restaurants for easier access to customers and fast deliveries. UberEats, Menulog and Deliveroo are getting a lot of exposure and business in the last two years

Having an online marketing strategy for your restaurant is an important aspect of your marketing plans, and covering all of these eight sections will get you on the right pathway for success.

By doing this, you are providing a clear message to your customers that you are open for business and welcome them with the products and services that your business provides.

An important point to note, is to always reply to customer feedback online. Interaction with customers is critical, as this is a reflection of how you operate your business. Always respond as soon as possible to any feedback. Give thanks for positive feedback. Negative feedback is an opportunity to respond to a customer complaint, and these can be converted into your biggest advocates if handled well. It is good customer service to be gracious at all times, and all customers like to be acknowledged when they have taken the time to provide feedback on your business. So value their time and feedback, and remember that other people are watching too.

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