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7 Ways to Make Your New Business Name Unforgettable

A business name has done its job if it causes a person to pause for a second. And it’s even more valuable if you can remember it long after that pause. Memorability matters.
So how do you create a memorable name? Let’s look at a few in greater detail, along with some other factors that influence memorability.

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Easy Tips to Boost Your Instagram Presence

To have a strong and engaged community, it used to be necessary to spend hours on Instagram or to court dozens of food bloggers. But the rules are changing in your favour. These days, having a huge volume of followers isn’t as important as a well-curated selection of posts is.

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Methods of measuring advertising effectiveness

Manual and automated methods of measuring advertising effectiveness.
When I had my restaurant, I used to do a lot of advertising to try and encourage my customers to come to my venue but I was finding it difficult to track my sales and find what was working and what wasn’t.

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Customer Loyalty

Customers are the lifeblood of any business and promoting customer loyalty is imperative to your restaurant. We need returning customers to make money and keep the business operating.

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Best Restaurant Vouchers

Advertising your restaurant in the many different areas of the marketing world can be difficult to know what is the best voucher or offer to get more people into your restaurant.

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How To Track The ROI For Your Flyers And Posters

Flyers and posters are very cost-effective forms of advertising and increasing awareness for your business. Using printed material for promotion offers you a great return on your investment, however it’s not always so easy to calculate the exact value. In order to optimize your print campaigns and gain insights from your marketing efforts, you have to track your flyers and posters.

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