4 Ways to Leverage an Email List

Email is an efficient marketing channel, but its success is all dependent on how well you use your lists. Without a good strategy, your huge email list will go to waste. This article highlights some tips that you can apply to get the most out of your email lists.

Give Subscribers Choices

To keep your unsubscribe rate low, give your subscribers an option to choose the type of emails they would like to receive from you, as well as the frequency. For some people, getting an email every week may be too much. Give such subscribers biweekly or monthly options and they will stick with you for the long term. Once your subscribers have made their choices, show them respect by following their preferences when sending emails.

Don’t Send Too Many Promotional Emails

Too many promotional emails can make your company look desperate or too pushy. Thus, limit the number of promotional emails you send to your subscribers. Other types of messages you should be sending to your subscribers include new blog post alerts, industry news, tips, cool video, and infographics. This will keep them entertained and it is also a good way to educate them. Be creative when creating content to give your subscribers a good experience with every email. Teach them to anticipate something unique every week.

Remove the Invalid Emails

Invalid emails could be lying to you that you have numbers when in reality you don’t. Thus, make a point of cleaning up your email lists regularly and removing those emails that don’t exist. Emails become invalid when people change their email addresses. For instance, if a subscriber had signed up with their work email address and then they leave that company, their email address becomes invalid. Thus, even when you have verified the email during the signup process, it is still very possible to have invalid emails.

Reengage Dormant Subscribers

These are the subscribers who never open or interact with your emails. As long as the subscriber has not left, there is hope that he or she could still be interested in your business, and this is why you should reengage them. When reengaging your inactive subscribers, consider offering something free. People love it when you give something away instead of ask for something. The word free or freebie on the email headline can increase the open rate.


Freebies don’t have to cost your company a lot of money. You could go with some simple ideas such as offering a free download, free coupons or free course. Your free offer could also be samples of a new product you are introducing.

Away from free stuff, there are five other key strategies you can apply when re-engaging your inactive subscribers. One, you can send follow-up emails based on the subscribers’ last interaction with your brand. Two, you can send an email requesting the subscribers to update their contact information. At times, the subscriber could be inactive because they barely use the email that they signed up with. Three, consider drawing the subscribers’ attention by sharing something viral. Four, you could invite them to take part in something fun such as a contest. Finally, you can bring back the inactive subscribers by reminding them who you are and what they missed in the previous emails.

With every email that you send to your subscribers, ensure that you choose good headlines. Headlines play a key role in determining the open rate. Thus, choose your keywords well when writing your headlines. Use words and phrases that will entice the subscriber to check the content. Create headlines that evoke emotions such as curiosity and urgency.

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