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3 Tools to Maximize Your Content Marketing Efforts

With the right marketing strategies, you have the potential to increase your conversion rates, have a more engaged audience, and generate better leads, among other benefits. There are tools that, if added to your arsenal, can help you maximize your content marketing efforts.

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How You Should Be Evaluating Your Content Marketing Success

More than 80 percent of organizations use metrics to determine how well their content is performing. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, because any good marketing tactic has to be measured consistently in order to ensure its effectiveness. Understanding your results comes down to these three metrics.

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5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Almost Every Small Business Makes

Sometimes it seems that as well as running a successful small business, entrepreneurs are also now expected to be digital marketing experts, savvy in the means and methods of attracting and engaging an audience through social media. Let’s look at five of the biggest social media marketing blunders, and how to circumvent them.

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Hospitality Industry: Tips and Trends For 2021

Here are some tips and trends for 2021 in the hospitality industry to help kick off the new year. We’ve listed some of the top trends that are set to have a big impact and how hospitality venues can get behind these growing trends to boost sales and grow their business.

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7 Social Media Marketing Myths, Busted

Social media marketing is effective, but only if you do it right. The myriad myths you face can keep you from achieving the kind of success that can help your startup thrive. Cut through the lies to ensure you have the right social strategy to persevere.

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